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Your information is secure with us

OiiNOW.com have stringent safety protocols. All sensitive information  is encrypted making it virtually impossible for someone to use it even if they were able to somehow gain access. This keeps your information safe and secure for your eyes only.

Your address is not stored with your contents list so it cannot be linked with your house or your contents location.

When you enter in your credit card information, it is stored and encrypted in a separate system for extra security.

Security should always be a key concern when processing any information through the Internet. OiiNOW Online Insurance Inventory understands our customers concerns and requirements in this regard and has taken great care to ensure the highest level of security in all aspects of our systems.

Internet security techniques have steadily improved over the years to the extent that people are now routinely making purchases, banking, and trading stocks over the Internet. OiiNOW Online Insurance Inventory has also incorporated these same techniques into its system:

OiiNOW Online Insurance Inventory Data Centre is hosted in a secured building requiring special access to the servers.

All sensitive data is encrypted when it is entered and stored making it virtually impossible for someone to use it even if they were able to somehow gain access. For example, the Billing Address and Credit Card information is all completely encrypted.

Credit card processing transactions are performed through the secure HTTPS protocol via PAYPAL.

The address of your inventory locations is not maintained, providing anonymity about the actual location of your inventory items.

We value your trust and that it is our highest priority to ensure that your information is indeed safe and secure at OiiNOW - Online Insurance Inventory.

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If you suffered a fire / flood at your home, do you think you’d be able to remember everything you own when producing a list for your insurance company?
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Online insurance home inventory software from OiiNOW

OiiNOW - Online home insurance inventory software system, store all your house and home content details. For your house, home or holiday property, flat or business.

Easily retrievable inventory list in case of loss by fire theft, flood or other misfortune. Online insurance home inventory SOFTWARE creates online insurance lists, list the type of item, description, model/serial no, purchase price personal notes and even photos of personal possessions.

Create your professional home inventory list for insurance purposes - Free home inventory software available