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www.OiiNOW.com, the Online Insurance Inventory, is launching a consumer and industry marketing campaign to promote the new concept of a safe and secure Online Insurance Inventory service. The system is very easy to use and provides benefits for consumers and the insurance industry.|

www.OiiNOW.com offers consumers something special. The chance to record home contents details safely and securely online and to recover details whenever and wherever required. The FULL OiiNOW version offers the ability to calculate the value of insurance cover required and add images of items.

If you would like to advertise with us, please follow the process below:
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Step 1. Please complete the Order Form below
We will contact you for your graphics once your order is completed.
Step 2. Once we have checked and approved your image and link address, we will send you an Order Acknowledgement / Invoice.
Step 3. Your Advert and link will then be processed and on display within 7 days and run for your requested duration.


  • Advertisements run for a minimum of 3 months.
  • We can provide you with monthly click through reports on your advertisement on request.
  • Each banner type has 5 slots currently available which appear on a rotational basis.
  • Prices are per month per slot. If you wish to book the complete use of a specific slot, you would currently need to order 5 slots to ensure the desired location always displays your advert.
  • These slots are provided on a first come, first served basis. We cannot guarantee availability.

If you would like to discuss other promotional options, we’ll be happy to discuss with you. Please contact us at info@oiinow.com 

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*Our Design department will be happy to help you with design and layout of your banner adverts, prices on request.

BANNER SLOT size is per 3 month period... There are a total of 5 BANNERS that rotate in each Banner slot **

** Your Price is fixed: Your Advert and link will appear at the frequency and length of time that you have booked we reserve the right to in future create more slot availability and or shorter booking periods. Terms & conditions apply to all advertising.

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Please link to our Home Imventory site, you can do this by copying the link below and adding it to your links page or to your site, once you have done this, email us and we will do the same for you, please provide your link data to us in your email.

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<a href="http://www.insurance-inventory.com">Home Inventory</a>


Title : Home Inventory
Url: http://www.insurance-inventory.com
Description: Our online Home Inventory, allows you to detail and upload photos of all your contents in a simple Inventory for homes or business.




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Online insurance home inventory software from OiiNOW

OiiNOW - Online home insurance inventory software system, store all your house and home content details. For your house, home or holiday property, flat or business.

Easily retrievable inventory list in case of loss by fire theft, flood or other misfortune. Online insurance home inventory SOFTWARE creates online insurance lists, list the type of item, description, model/serial no, purchase price personal notes and even photos of personal possessions.

Create your professional home inventory list for insurance purposes - Free home inventory software available