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An online home inventory can be invaluable when keeping possessions in storage for insurance purposes and knowing just where your things are!

Keeping an inventory of what you have in storage makes total sense. Not only do you need to know what you have in terms of value and condition for insurance purposes, but also when you just can’t put your hands on something it is so easy to check where it is by searching your online storage inventory. Much easier than going to the storage facility and routing through everything only to realise it is actually in your loft at home!

Another function very useful in today’s world is the ability to include photos and full descriptions of your possessions. When you come to the conclusion that you no longer need those golf clubs that you have in storage given that you haven’t taken them out in two years, it is so much easier to add the item to online auction sites such as ebay. You already have the value, the description and a photo! Easy!
Make a photo inventory today and you can edit it at any time to change where you are storing your things.

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If you suffered a fire / flood at your home, do you think you’d be able to remember everything you own when producing a list for your insurance company?
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insurance inventory software can help you document insuables, electronic goods, pets, house contents, sports equipment, boats, holiday homes along with any other item


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Online insurance free Home inventory / Photo inventory software from OiiNOW

OiiNOW - home inventory software stores all your home or business inventory details. For any house or holiday home

An easily retrievable home inventory list, in case of loss by fire theft, flood or other misfortune. ONLINE HOME INVENTORY creates online insurance lists, list the type of item, description, model/serial no, purchase price personal notes and even photos of personal possessions.

Create your home inventory list for insurance claim purposes - Free home inventory light version available.

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