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Businesses of all sizes will benefit from having an inventory of assets for insurance and disaster recovery purposes as well as for keeping track of where business equipment is at all times.

Getting enough insurance to cover your needs is extremely important when running a business. Indeed, underinsurance can cost a business tens of thousands and more. By keeping a business inventory of all assets and equipment, you are more likely to be properly protected with the right sum insured. It will also save headaches in the event of a claim when it comes to proving what you own and what condition it was in prior to the damage or loss.
Over and above this, these days more than ever, staff are allocated significant amounts of kit to do the most ordinary of jobs. Mobile phones, laptops, car kits, PDAs – all owned by the business but all utterly portable and so off the premises in the custody of members of staff most of the time.

It is vital for any business to know exactly what they own, what state it is in and where it is at all times to ensure that when an employee leaves, the property stays!
An online business inventory should be part of every company’s disaster recovery plan – whether you are a one person band, or a large enterprise.
Don’t waste time – start an online business inventory today.

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Home Inventory - Detail your home Insurance contents with an Online insurance home inventory

Property Inventory lists — List your home contents with a insurance home inventory

Business Inventory - Create a Business Insurance inventory
Protect Against Flood Risk Inventory - List your Home contents with insurance inventory
insurance inventory software can help you document insuables, electronic goods, pets, house contents, sports equipment, boats, holiday homes along with any other item


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OiiNOW - home inventory software stores all your home or business inventory details. For any house or holiday home

An easily retrievable home inventory list, in case of loss by fire theft, flood or other misfortune. ONLINE HOME INVENTORY creates online insurance lists, list the type of item, description, model/serial no, purchase price personal notes and even photos of personal possessions.

Create your home inventory list for insurance claim purposes - Free home inventory light version available.

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