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A free Christmas present for you all

With Christmas being the time you buy lots of new and lovely presents for your family it is a good time to review your building contents insurance policy and make sure you are adequately covered

A free Christmas present for you all We all know that at Christmas we like to buy lovely presents for our loved ones, and we all really love to receive lovely presents, the bigger the better. So Christmas is an ideal time to consider whether your current houeshold or contents insurance cover protects all of your valuables. A recent survey indicated that more than half of all households are underinsured. Just a few minutes on the www.oiinow.com website can help you quickly and accurately establish if you are under insured or over insured, for free!

Bear in mind that when you have treated yourself to a few things in the sales, and a few presents, you are likely to add significant amounts of valuable items to your household, but are you ensuring your covered. It is quick and free to find out.

10 Minutes on our website could help you find out for free if your cover is adequate. You can also, for a small fee, store all of your details on our website with photographs and receipts of your prized possessions to help you make an insurance claim should the worst ever happen.

We have been providing this service since 2006 and we have thousands of satisfied visitors who have made sure their insurance cover is well matched. Naturally this saves you money, and helps ensure that in the event of catastrophe, you are well looked after, and can even speed up your insurance claim settlement. This is our little Christmas present to you. Enjoy


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